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Welcome! I’m Caryn, a teacher, speaker, and healer who finds inspiration and guidance through living an embodied and heart centered life. I am here to help you create a new relationship with what it means to be still, to awaken to greater potential, and to discover balance in your own life through the practical sciences of meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, energy medicine, and inquiry based practices stemming from Advaita Vedanta. For fourteen plus years I have been a meditator in various traditions such as Zen, Vipassana and Vedanta, and for the past three years I have been training to be a Vedic Meditation teacher under the tutelage of master teachers. Over the years, I have learnt through direct experience that you are quite literally, not who you ‘think’ yourself to be. The mind is complicated, you are not. To help you navigate the complexities of the mind and stay committed you can join my growing community of meditators through my organization called Instill Meditation, or if you choose to, you can receive more personalized one-on-one council to explore a more intimate relationship with your individualized experience of reality where I can help you break through mental constructs that are holding you back. My approach is simple. It is built around a belief-behaviour-results model with a reverence for those subtle stories which dictate individual experience of life, colouring behaviour and fuelling one’s sense of freedom and joy. My gift for you is presence, granting students and clients alike a safe space to navigate shifts in perspective no matter how light or dark it might feel in order to create a new personal narrative for expanded living. I am the founder of both Instill Meditation, specializing in Vedanta and Vedic Meditation, and the Ayurvedic inspired wellness brand, Dhára. I encourage you to reach out to me and see for yourself what I’m all about. I look forward to meeting you.

All my relations,
xx Caryn


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“Caryn is the most intuitive guide I have ever met.
She knew exactly what I needed and helped me create a better life.”
— William C. Founder of Meetings That Matter, Pianist

“Some people are born to question reality,
Caryn Kilback is one of those people.”
— Curtis M. Photographer

“Working with Caryn is a pleasure. Her demeanor is soothing
and she makes meditation approachable. Caryn is inspiring and knowledgeable."
— Kit and Ace

“Caryn is a true being of love and light.
She brings presence, spirit, and grace to all she creates.”
— Lindsey S. CT Technologist, Holistic Nutritionist